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  A short bio: IRL known as Cathy Hosler, I am married to Dirk aka NCOLDBLOOD/AKNEXUS1. We met online, fell in love, and I transferred from the Chicago Area to Alaska.
  I work for the Anchorage School District, and the (step)mother of 2 beautiful young ladies named Kyralyn and Rebecca ages 14and 12 1/2 respectively.
  I enjoy camping, fishing, sewing, baking, chatting on line, and many other activities.
  Recently I was diagnosed with a Type Ilatex allergy. My doctor told me it is not potentially life threatening, it is life threatening. Talk about a life changing event. I have been researching this allergy with all of my "spare" time. If you have a similar allergy, or any information regarding latex allergy, please contact me. I have a list of links that may provide help for you, or a loved one with this allergy.
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